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Share This Paper. Figures from this paper. Citations Publications citing this paper. Historical review of computer simulation of radiation effects in materials Kenneth V Nordlund. Khawal , V.

Mote , Kandasami Asokan , B. Ion-shaping of embedded gold hollow nanoshells into vertically aligned prolate morphologies.

27. Nuclear Materials — Radiation Damage and Effects in Matter

References Publications referenced by this paper. Radiation effects in nanoclusters embedded in solids. Leino , F.

Radiation effects in nanoclusters embedded in solids

Djurabekova , K. Introduction to Nanotechnology Charles J.

Atoms are displaced by collisions with fast particles and the point defects so created alter the electrical and thermal properties of solids. These point defects interact strongly with dislocations so that the mechanical properties of metals are sensitive to heavy-particle bombardment. In semi-conductors the displaced atoms can trap electrons and holes, thereby producing large changes in electrical properties.

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Prolonged bombardments produce drastic effects; some minerals become non-crystalline, uranium crystals change shape, some metals become brittle, and rare gas atoms created by transmutations may produce swelling and disintegration at high temperatures. This site uses cookies.

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