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His younger brother, Drew Patrick Bergin , and a close friend, Karin de Vries Virginia Madsen , also secret agents, realize something is wrong. He learns there is treacherous mole in their secret service organization who is passing classified information to the neo-fascists. As Drew and Karin work together, they fall in love.

Armed forces in the target countries are guarding all major reservoirs. But they are haunted by a sense of helplessness, not knowing how the monstrous scheme will be executed. I quite liked this book, but just not enough to recommend it.

Intricate plot, fabulous storyline. Proper Ludlum stuff. But the stilted dialogues in this book were terribly annoying. Also, the romance that blossoms between De Vries and Latham was unnecessary and seemed very obvious from the start. It's almost like he wanted desperately to add a romantic angle for the heck of it. Added to this was the repetitive nature of arguments between Sorenson and Latham, Latham and De Vries, and Latham and th I quite liked this book, but just not enough to recommend it.

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Added to this was the repetitive nature of arguments between Sorenson and Latham, Latham and De Vries, and Latham and the French authorities. It just got terribly boring after a while. It couldn't have been more obvious. There were too many characters and backstories to keep track of. But the ending was spectacular, typical Ludlum. Feb 06, Sridhar Babu rated it it was ok. Robert Ludlum..

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Germany !!! These fanatics wants Author.. These fanatics wants to complete the Hitlor's unfulfilled dream of Third Reich. Deep in Hausruck Mountains of Austria, in a remote hideaway, there lies the nerve center of ominous movement, the "Brotherhood of watch"the progenitors of Germany's Fourth Reich. American undercover agent Harry Lathem, after three years of deep cover at the valley, penetrates deep into the movement, to bring and expose the list of Neo-Nazi sympathizers all over France, U. K, and USA who are brokering millions from all over the world into the neos in Germany. On the eve of his most spectacular success, Harry Lathem disappears all of a sudden.

His place taken by his brother Drew Lathem, special officer of Intelligence Consular Operations, who is desperate to find out the whereabouts of his brother Harry Latham. Harry Lathem surfaces after few days, with a fake list of neo Nazi sympathizers in a confused state of mind, his brain tampered with a computer chip inserted by Nazi doctor Gerhardt Kroeger. Intelligent Officer Drew's meeting with his brother , at an isolated part of Paris, leads to brutal murder of Harry by unknown assassins.

Robert Ludlum's The Apocalypse Watch

Harry's " Nazi-sympathizers list" creates confusion and havoc all over the world, because the names in the list consists of men and women of high profiles with fine reputations. Suddenly Drew's life is in danger. Attacked twice by unknown assassins at his hotel room, Drew becomes the prime target for the Brotherhood of watch. Drew Latham's adventures trip to an isolated mansion on the Rhine river in Bonn, not only reveals the identity of the new neo Nazi leader and his team of 36 all male members, but also their treacherous scheme code named "white lightning".

According to it the water reserves of London, Paris and Washington will be polluted by poisonous intoxicant killing thousands instantly. Assisted by Captain Christian Diaz and Gerald Anthony, successful commandos of Iraqi war "Desert Storm", Drew Latham and his crew penetrates in to the neo Nazi camp, stops "white lightning " by his intelligent master plan and puts an end to the deadly neo Nazi tentacles, spreading throughout Europe and United States.

Drew Latham also exposes the wealthy European and American bureaucrats, who were helping the Neo Nazis secretly by brokering millions for their operation. My comment The biggest drawback of this novel, is the author's failure in assembling the jigsaw puzzle with proper pieces. Author's "intelligent-interesting-imaginative knots" abruptly ends in many parts without proper solution, thereby leaving the reader in an utter confusion and frustration.

For instance, Special Agent Harry Latham after being captured by Neo Nazis, his brain tampered with a computer chip inserted by the Nazi doctor, Gerhardt Kroeger at the headquarters. But afterward this has not given proper significance in the novel. In the beginning , a character named Jean-Pierre Villier introduced as a popular French drama artist, very much willing to help the French intelligence officials in solving his father's suicide, unfortunately afterward nowhere to be found in the Novel.

This confusing characterization leaves the readers in frustration with difficulty in following the story line. Witnessing Harry's cold blooded murder, his brother Drew Latham vows to take revenge on the assassins, by taking his place and name. After this Drew just stands as a silent spectator in Paris, doing nothing except romancing and day dreaming.

I can't imagine how the author forgot this interesting knot, if he had continued with this, the novel would have become an interesting, gripping page turner. The Apocalypse watch Aspirin with black tea!!! Apr 14, Lee Baker rated it it was amazing. What a great tale Robert Ludlum spins and this is no exception!! From the very beginning on the alpine pass in Germany through the Loire valley in France the scene is set and the characters formed.

The wheels within wheels of the Fourth Reich penetrate every corner of the Western world as these great characters of true undercover agents race to discover the truth and of course save the world.

I Was Raised to Believe the End of the World Was Nigh, but It’s Never Felt Closer Than It Does Now

Being in my sick bed for 12 hours gave me the excuse I needed to dive in and read half the book today - What a great tale Robert Ludlum spins and this is no exception!! Being in my sick bed for 12 hours gave me the excuse I needed to dive in and read half the book today - no mean feat I can assure you. Dec 26, Alena Gotz rated it did not like it. The generalizations are too much even for me, not exactly a raving liberal. The story idea or a Neo-Nazi conspiracy was attractive to me and plausible, but so much does not add up. I got it for 25c at a church sale because I liked the Bourne movies.

They are great entertainment, so well acted, but Ludlum's writing was torture for me, more of a movie script actually. The Apocalypse Watch. Robert Ludlum This is a genuine classic spy thriller written by one of the masters. The Fourth Reich is rising, everything is in place.

They are standing in the doorway, waiting for there vision to unfold. Everything is in place. A covert group Consular operations stands in there way. This is a truly mesmerizing novel. Deceit, betrayal, no one can be trusted. A truly magnificent read! Classic Ludlum. Jun 06, R. Well plotted A well plotted thriller with just a little love story adding to the tension and emotion of the perilous situations. My only negative comment is that some of the dialogue was a little stiff.

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I know the author was depicting non-English speaking characters in many scenes but some of that seemed to me to creep into other voices. But this in no way diminished the overall effectiveness of the story. Have fun with this one. Once again, Ludlum ruins a perfectly good story with terrible dialog.

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One more "my darling" and I may barf. The Drew Latham was a bit hard to take, flying off the handle with everyone as if he were the expert in everything. I think quite a bit extraneous stuff could have been removed and the novel would have been much more enjoyable. The premise was good, the intrigue good, I keep hoping the editing and dialog gets better. Mar 13, Alicia rated it it was ok.

If this was a movie, I would see it.

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There were too many characters for me to keep straight and too much description which in turn made the story move at a snails pace. Now if it was a movie where I could just see the scene and all the characters who obviously look different this story would be at my pace.

Sad really because the plot had so much potential. While Brando generally eschewed the trappings of Hollywood, he did have a thing for nice timepieces. The watch he wore is a stainless steel GMT-Master, reference , manufactured in The watch's most distinctive physical feature is its missing bezel the rotating ring surrounding the dial , giving it a stripped-down look. And there is a story behind that. During the filming in the Philippines, a member of the production crew advised Brando to lose the Rolex, perhaps because it seemed too flashy for a rogue Army officer scraping out an isolated existence in the jungle never mind that in the Vietnam era, soldiers could pick up a Rolex Submariner or GMT for a few hundred dollars at the base PX.

True to form, Brando found a third way. Every art form has its lost masterpieces.